Feather in a Tidal Pool

folly beach island yoga feather in a tidepool

A feather floating in a tide pool on a Folly Beach walk…beauty is all around us.

At the spot where we teach beach yoga we are often treated to tidal pools. Sometimes they catch stunning creatures like crabs or small fish. Sometimes we see starfish..especially in late winter. For our children, getting to come with us to work is a true delight when the remnants of high tide remain on the shore. Separate from the current of the ocean these fascinating and fleeting pools by the sea warm quickly in the sun and allow for a little more relaxed and exploratory play on the beach.

It’s a fairly common sight honestly, but there’s just something so mesmerizing about watching something so natural and beautiful floating in a tide pool by the sea beside an oyster shell…


Lesley Leake – Folly Beach Island Yoga Classes

folly beach island yoga class college of charleston alumni lesley Leake

Please join us in welcoming yoga teacher Lesley Leake back to the Charleston, SC area! Lesley will be teaching beach yoga classes alongside with us at Folly Beach Island Yoga at the 5th Street East beach. She will be joining us mid-August 2017. Whether you’re here for vacation or live here full time make time in your schedule to check out one of Lesley’s classes with Folly Beach Island Yoga. Please see our schedule to get a full listing of all of her classes.

Lesley took her very first yoga class as a student at College of Charleston 7 years ago. She practiced off and on for several years, but it wasn’t until she moved to Columbia in 2015 for graduate school that she really fell in love with the practice. One day in a vinyasa flow class Lesley had that “aha” moment where mind, body, and breath were all connected. It didn’t take her long to realize that she wanted to help others find that same feeling of connection, and so she decided to become a teacher herself.

Lesley also works at the University of South Carolina’s school of public health where she helps improve public health programs across the state. When she is not practicing or teaching  yoga, she is in the mountains rock climbing and camping, or riding her bike around downtown.

Lesley will begin teaching a class on Folly Beach with Folly Beach Island Yoga beginning in August 2017.


Sea Turtle Hatching Video

Ya’ll!!! So remember we were just talking about sea turtle nesting season? This amazing video got posted on Facebook on July 12 by Karen Player Futrell who was on vacation on a nearby beach Isle of Palms. It’s amazing and absolutely worth watching in full–there are SO many adorable tiny turtles!

Keep an eye out for these nests when you’re out and about on the island or any of the beaches in the Charleston, SC area. Remember to never touch or disturb a sea turtle nest and to turn out the lights at night on the beach to help the babies keep their sense of direction on their way back out to sea.

The turtle nest near our beach yoga class spot is still holding strong as far as we know—but it won’t be long before there are little fin scoots through the sand!

<– Art by Jenny – www.BeachBumFamily.com



Stingray Catch for a Brave Shore Fisherman

folly beach island yoga stingray charleston sc fishing

This big boy put up quite a fight for a brave fisherman before heading back out to see. Usually an accidental catch around here and definitely not for the faint of heart if you’re going to try to get your hook back like the guy who reeled this guy in. I know :::gasp::: held my breath the whole time. Thankfully this big guy left peacefully.


Four Folly Beach Yoga Opportunities This Weekend

Folly Beach Island yoga classes charleston men's yoga FOUR opportunities for Folly Beach yoga this weekend!

🌊Tonight unwind after the long week and start your weekend off right at 6:30 pm, 5th Street East beach with Matt Stevens

🌊Tomorrow (Saturday)  join Matt Foley at 9 am, 5th Street East for a seaside yoga class on the beach

🌴Tomorrow 11 am, yoga upstairs at St. James Gate – Come up up the stairs in the back and join us for an open level yoga class indoors

🌊Tonight unwind after the long week and start your weekend off right at 6:30 pm, 5th Street East beach with Matt Stevens

🌊Tomorrow (Saturday)  join Matt Foley at 9 am, 5th Street East for a seaside yoga class on the beach
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Class Passes to Save 10% or More

  1. Folly Beach Island Yoga Class Pass Discount

Our class passes offer flexibility and savings for all of our Folly Beach public classes including beach yoga and yoga indoors upstairs at St. James Gate Irish Pub. Click here to save 10% or more by choosing one of our 3, 5, or 10 class passes.

If you are planning a vacation to the Charleston, SC area, or is you are already enjoying your stay we welcome you to visit us at any of our public classes to experience yoga on the Edge of America. Download, save, or print our free beach themed printable calendar for a full schedule of our June 2017 seaside and indoor yoga classes. Yoga is the perfect activity to add to your Folly Beach, SC adventure! Contact us to schedule a private individual, couple, or small group yoga class.


Folly Beach Movies on the Beach – Free Event!

Throughout the summer the Tides hotel of Folly Beach offers free movies on the beach on Wednesday nights (weather permitting). Bring a blanket, sheet, or towel to sit on and enjoy a memorable night under the stars at this family friendly event by the ocean. Remember to get there early enough to get a good seat as this is a very popular event. 843-588-6658 for any questions.

2017 Summer Beach Movie Schedule:

  • May 31 – Finding Dory
  • June 7 – Star Wars – Rouge One
  • June 14 – Zootopia
  • June 19, – **Monday** Night Special – McKevlin’s Surf Movies
  • June 21 – Sully
  • June 28 – The Jungle Book (2016)
  • July 5 – Miracle
  • July 12 – Frozen
  • July 19 – Doctor Strange
  • July 26 – Moana
  • Aug 2 – La La Land
  • Aug 9 – Lego Batman
  • Aug 16 – Jaws
  • Aug 23 – Surfer’s Healing Special – Surf’s Up