Folly Beach Yoga Class with Lesley Leake this Sunday

Folly Beach Island Yoga Class Teacher Lesley Leake (2)
Join in for a beach yoga class experience with Folly Beach Island Yoga and teacher Lesley Leake this Sunday at 9 a.m. Bring sunscreen, water, and a larger towel (or towel for under your mat if you prefer). The class will meet on the 5th Street East beach and will be open level.
Class is $12 cash or any major card is accepted on the beach. We offer a military, veterans, and first responders discount.
Can’t make the beach class? Don’t forget we offer reasonable rates on small group classes and private training on Folly Beach island.

The Perfect Space

folly beach island yoga pier view from class

Another beautiful beach yoga class by the sea with the very iconic Folly Beach Pier in the background. This space is so great because it’s a little out of the busy area of downtown, but still has that VIEW!

Hope to see you for beach  yoga soon!


Feather in a Tidal Pool

folly beach island yoga feather in a tidepool

A feather floating in a tide pool on a Folly Beach walk…beauty is all around us.

At the spot where we teach beach yoga we are often treated to tidal pools. Sometimes they catch stunning creatures like crabs or small fish. Sometimes we see starfish..especially in late winter. For our children, getting to come with us to work is a true delight when the remnants of high tide remain on the shore. Separate from the current of the ocean these fascinating and fleeting pools by the sea warm quickly in the sun and allow for a little more relaxed and exploratory play on the beach.

It’s a fairly common sight honestly, but there’s just something so mesmerizing about watching something so natural and beautiful floating in a tide pool by the sea beside an oyster shell…


Sea Turtle Hatching Video

Ya’ll!!! So remember we were just talking about sea turtle nesting season? This amazing video got posted on Facebook on July 12 by Karen Player Futrell who was on vacation on a nearby beach Isle of Palms. It’s amazing and absolutely worth watching in full–there are SO many adorable tiny turtles!

Keep an eye out for these nests when you’re out and about on the island or any of the beaches in the Charleston, SC area. Remember to never touch or disturb a sea turtle nest and to turn out the lights at night on the beach to help the babies keep their sense of direction on their way back out to sea.

The turtle nest near our beach yoga class spot is still holding strong as far as we know—but it won’t be long before there are little fin scoots through the sand!

<– Art by Jenny –




folly beach island yoga stingray south carolina charleston

Check out this sizable stingray a fisherman pulled in on Folly Beach! Though not the largest stingray we’ve ever seen it definitely wasn’t small and put up quite a fight. Amazingly the fisherman seemed determined to get his hook back and fought the good fight before releasing this beautiful creature back to sea.

Did you know that the “stingray shuffle” could save you a painful and sometimes life threatening sting from one of these bad boys? The stingray doesn’t have any animosity toward humans but it is easily startled in the dark waters of the ocean and it will react defensively, sometimes stinging. To do the “stingray shuffle” you simply shuffle your feet where you’re standing in the ocean to kick up a bit of sand into the water. Stingrays can sense the disturbance and will typically move away from you.






Sea Turtle Nesting Season

folly beach island yoga sea turtle nest loggerhead sc

Cheering for all of these little guys and gals out on the island tonight! These sweet little babies were laid close to our beach yoga class spot. We are so very much hoping to see little scoots in the sand headed back to their real home soon!

Fun fact I learned tonight on Female turtles will return to the beach that they were born on to lay their eggs. How beautiful is that? Folly gals!

Such a tiny fraction of these beautiful creatures will survive to reproduce….but YOU have the power to help. Remember lights out on the beach at night, fill in any holes and knock down sand castles at the end of the day, and please clean up any trash.




Stingray Catch for a Brave Shore Fisherman

folly beach island yoga stingray charleston sc fishing

This big boy put up quite a fight for a brave fisherman before heading back out to see. Usually an accidental catch around here and definitely not for the faint of heart if you’re going to try to get your hook back like the guy who reeled this guy in. I know :::gasp::: held my breath the whole time. Thankfully this big guy left peacefully.