Free Beach Yoga for Autism Parents and Caregivers on Folly Beach

Yoga for Autism Parents Child Regression

In December of 2015, our youngest child suffered a very sudden and significant regression that silenced his speech, caused him to withdraw, and to stop making eye contact. He would eventually be diagnosed with autism, and our lives would forever change. Although yoga had already held a significant spot in our lives, it would become a source of healing for our grief and a renewal of purpose as we began our journey as “special needs parents”. After the diagnosis, both Jenny and Matt decided to become yoga teachers so that we could one day help other parents of children with an autism diagnosis.

Folly Beach has continued to hold our hearts and draw us back with it’s very public support of autism families and the Surfer’s Healing tour, and it this public support that made us choose Folly when selecting the ideal location to offer the free yoga class for autism parents and caregivers. It is our sincere hope to offer a class that will replenish and restore the soul, mind, and body. As special needs caregivers this is beyond important–it is essential. We hope that parents will find a safe community and space to practice in this weekly class.

The class is open level, located on a beautiful wide stretch of Folly Beach within sight distance of the pier. Paid city parking is available as are some limited free street side parking spots. For the month of June we will offer this class at 6 pm Thursday evenings-we will continue to adjust the time and days of the class so that we can best serve the autism family community with this class. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page, or check our class schedule page for updates as they are made to the schedule.

We so look forward to practicing with you.


Updated to note: 7.1.2017 the class will begin to meet on Friday evenings at 7 pm – please see our schedule for the most updated days and times for the class

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Free Autism Safety Kit – Big Red Safety Box


Folly Beach Island Yoga Autism Class Parents Safety Free Box

Nearly 1/2 of all children with autism bolt or wander. This pic was taken moments before our son suddenly bolted for the woods by the spray play at Wanamaker Park (Charleston County Parks and Recreation) just a couple of weeks ago. Since he is nonverbal and often attracted to water, with his newfound wandering tendencies something as simple as a trip to the park to play in water sprinklers can spell real anxiety for an autism parent. The National Autism Association is offering their “Big Red Safety Box” for FREE to families of children who have autism — it includes  an educational booklet, 2 window alarms, a MedicAlert bracelet and shoe tag, 5 laminated adhesive “stop” sign visual prompts for doors and exits, 2 safety alert windshield clings, a safety alert wristband, and a child ID kid from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. A diagnosis is required.

If you are not a parent or caregiver of an autistic child, consider donating to this worthy cause. It could truly save someone’s life one day.

Click below to donate or request a safety toolkit.

NAA’s Big Red Safety Boxes® Now Available!