Are You Doing Yoga Wrong?

Folly Beach Island Yoga Fitness Headstand Tripod going up

Tonight this article

India’s oldest yogini says you’re doing yoga wrong if you’re working up a sweat

was shared in a yoga teacher group that I participate in and a debate was sparked whether the opinion of the author was right or wrong.

Here are my thoughts: we’re all on different points of our yoga journey. I turned to yoga to lose postpartum “baby” weight after having my children and gaining excessive amounts of weight during pregnancy. Then again years later I turned to it again after trauma entered my life. The sweating was a necessary step to getting to a more mindful practice and back to yoga / life. It built the endurance and strength I needed mentally and emotionally at the same time as working up a sweat. Clarity inevitably seems to come to me when I work the hardest at my practice. In fact on days when I’m really struggling with being a “perfect yogi” 😂you’ll probably find me working on an arm balance that I’m trying to master.

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