Weddings on Folly Beach

folly beach wedding bridge charleston SC venue

Are you dreaming of a Folly Beach wedding? So did we! Yep – that’s two of our yoga teachers walking back from their own oceanside wedding.

There are so many amazing venues on the island with a wide range on pricing, capacity, and availability. From a wedding on the sand (free), to Pelican Watch Pavilion at FB County Park ($600-$1500 guest number and season dependent), Folly River Park ($0-$1500 residency and number of guests dependent), to any one of the event venue rental homes and some of the small boutique inns on the island.

Wherever you choose, remember to follow the rules of both the venue and the city’s rules for events – especially pay attention to permitting and the wait times for beach weddings. Remember to stay environmentally friendly on the decorations and plan a secondary venue for your reception if you choose a wedding on the sand as wedding receptions are prohibited on the beach.

Planning to include your family pooch in the ceremony? Remember to follow leash laws at all times and to plan accordingly for the seasonal time restrictions for walking dogs on the beach.