Charlie Waterman

Charlie is a resident dolphin but he got lost at sea; he is home now and everything is great, just getting to know his old friends again. From the Lowcountry of SC to the Kenai Peninsula in AK and the Root Chakra of the world (do you know where that is?), this swimming mammal has learned how to tread waters of all kind!

Charlie’s movement practice came from a desire to be still and meditate, he has found flow all over the world and come back to rest, now he tells the story of the prodigal son to any local child, young or old, whoever will listen: Hear, he has to stay…

It was nearly 20 years ago that he asked, “What is yoga?” It has been a weird trip at times but he says, “with the Sutras and good teachers we can all find a peace in the chaos.”

Sunrise? Or, sunset?