Yoga and Weight Loss

Weight Loss Yoga Post Partum Folly Beach Island

This was a particularly tough share for me, but one that I have promised myself that I would share someday from the very beginning of my yoga and weight loss journey to help others who found themselves in the same situation…

The picture on the left side was approximately 6 months after I gave birth to our oldest son. At less than 5’4 tall the extra 104 pounds were literally and figurately weighing me down. I could barely keep up with my child and felt uncomfortable and unhealthy in my own skin. Since the picture on the left Matt and I have had 2 more children, and I’ve gained and lost another 90 and 60 pounds respectively–for a total of over 250 pounds lost (plus some) over the years!

The picture on the right was taken this past Thursday–BY the baby in the photo on the left!!

Yoga and a (reasonably) healthy diet were the biggest keys in my weight loss–and they can be for you too. If you are in the Charleston, SC area chedule a private yoga lesson with us, or plan a few minutes to talk before or after one of our public classes on the beach at Folly Beach, Kiawah Island, or upstairs at St. James Gate Irish Pub on weekends. You will never find a bigger supporter than someone who has stood in your shoes before!





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