Free Beach Yoga for Autism Caregivers

This free beach yoga class is reserved exclusively for parents and caregivers of children who have autism. The class is taught by Jenny and Matt Stevens-owners and teachers at Folly Beach Island Yoga. It is available free of charge to all parents and caregivers of those who have autism.

Owners Jenny and Matt are the proud parents of an almost three year old boy with regressive autism and his two amazingly patient, radiantly beautiful siblings. Their youngest child suddenly regressed, losing the ability to speak, use a fork or spoon, play, or make eye contact shortly before Christmas in December 2015.

Today he is still nonverbal though he does say an occasional muddled “Momma or Daddy”, but a delightfully happy squealing smiling angel for all who know him. He prefers sticking with his favorite ASL (American Sign Language) signs of “ice cream” (for popsicle) and “milk” (for drink) these days with an occasional verbal “eat”, and he continues to work hard in his daily therapies. He is often around the beach during class as this is very much a family affair for the Stevens family.

No matter what, we all know that if you know one child with autism then you know one child with autism…  your journey is different than ours, we know. We also know that we may just have something in common. We deal with daily self-harming and chew through “chewies” like wax lips, he has  a therapy schedule rivaling most corporate executives, is a sensory seeking machine, hums almost 24/7, rarely sleeps, and…most amazingly beautiful of all, he loves like absolutely no other on this earth.

We hope to provide a safe and welcoming space for all autism parents and caregivers. We hope to relax, rejuvenate, refresh, and replenish autism Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and Caregivers through our class and to give back to a community that we have come to understand so well.

For the month of July 2017 the class will be held at 7 pm on Folly Beach at the 5th block public beach access. Please see the updated class schedule for times and locations.

Love, light, and peace to you. We can do this–together. 🙏