Folly Beach Yoga Teacher Matt Foley

Folly Beach Island Yoga Matt Foley Teacher

We are so excited to announce that Matt Foley will begin teaching with us beginning Tuesday evening 7-8 pm on the sand at 5th Street East, Folly Beach. Also beginning Jun 24, you’ll be able to catch his beach yoga classes on Saturday mornings 9-10 am. Check out our class schedule for the latest updates on Matt’s beach yoga class and all of our classes at Folly Beach Island Yoga!

Matthew Foley has been practicing yoga for over a decade and has been a certified teacher since 2009.  Matt discovered yoga as a college student and was immediately drawn to its blend of physical movement and spiritual self-discovery.  He is a passionate believer in the power of mindful movement to help us lead the most creative, healthy, and joyful lives possible.  Matt has taught yoga to both adults & youth and incorporated stress-relieving mindfulness practices in his classroom during his five years as a high school English teacher.  Matt now writes and teaches yoga full-time in Charleston.  When he’s not practicing yoga, you can usually catch Matt writing in a local coffee shop or out on his surfboard looking for the perfect wave.



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